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Onenesslove publishing believes in the power of love and spreading that love through your story. Everyone has a story to tell, and if you are done with hiding in the shadows and ready to be seen. This is the perfect place to start shining your light.

About Jessi

Born in Bakersfield, California only to move to Colorado. Where she got a BA in psychology but began writing poetry when she was 6 years old. She is an Author, Publishing processes Coach, founder of her publishing company, and school Onenesslove publishing. She is a blogger on medium and writes about education, self-love, and living life to the fullest. She loves helping others through writing. She is currently learning how to write the music for her own music production. She has many stories to come.

Meet Your Teacher:

My love of writing began in childhood, when I received a diagnosis for expressive language disorder. This meant that I was incapable of expressing myself in the written language or spoken word, like others could do with ease. As a result, I struggled to find my voice. I desperately grasped for the proper words to articulate my feelings, from my first girl crush to the first boy I liked. Poetry was my first avenue of self-expression. It allowed me to finally pen the words I could never speak—at least, not to another person.

Poetry was my personal, internal selfhood given form. This rang true throughout my life; as I grew, so did my writing. In 2016, I was inspired to put together my own poetry book. However, I didn’t actually follow through with that idea until the pandemic occurred in 2020. That’s when “Lit Soul: My Journey Back to Faith” was born.

While creating this collection, I put together personal poetry I had written from childhood to adulthood—my growth and life experiences documented on paper. From there, I wrote a new poem called “Who You Are” in 2020. It didn’t feel like it was meant to be a poem; so, I decided to turn it into a standalone children’s book about self-love and acceptance. Children are constantly fighting for their right to individuality and self-appreciation. For adults, this can turn into a lifelong struggle. As one of my day jobs, I work with children with special needs, as well as kids in a school setting. This hands-on experience reinforced the idea that no matter their story, every child is human. Their preference is their own.

It felt incredibly cathartic to write a children’s book. I actually have two more coming in 2022 to look out for: one delving deeper into pronouns, the other focusing on the importance of black lives. So far, the title for one of the books is already displayed on Goodreads. “Super Gay” is dedicated my community—the LGBTQIA+ community—and focuses primarily on pronouns.

In 2022, I’ve created a children’s book called “Colorless” focused on the Black Lives Matter movement. As the year progresses, I have many more children’s books, children’s series (releasing on YouTube), and a YA book to come. Above all else, I believe strongly in doing what you teach—in practicing what you preach. These stories are meant to empower you, just as my business is meant to do the same. They correlate with one other, uniting under a common goal: to aid others on their journey of healing and self-love. With my toolkit, I can help you start writing that first sentence.

Let my reiterate: I feel that self-acceptance is so important. Growing up queer and with special needs, there is a stigma to fight. You are underestimated, and determined to prove otherwise. Kids of special needs aren’t highlighted in society as much as they should be. There isn’t a lot of meaningful education about kids with special needs, unless you have personal experience either working with them or being one yourself. These children are amazing human beings that wholeheartedly inspire my books. I write in accessible terms—usually poetry and children’s stories—to reach that population, encouraging equal reading and enjoyment at any age.

My fundamental desire is to make information known about children and adults with special needs. Their story needs to be heard. I would like influencers, gamers, and more to join in the storytelling. Video games are a fresh medium to tell stories; but the person playing the game also has a story to tell. Regardless of their approach, everyone deserves the opportunity to speak their truth. I

want to help in any way that I can. Whether that’s through 1:1 teaching, pre-recorded classes, personal school visits, guidance on self-publishing, or publishing through my company, Onenesslove Publishing LLC—I am here for you.

As a publisher, I am currently working on classes geared toward a variety of individuals. From children and adults of special needs to gamers, influencers, DJs, and VO actors, this company is meant for the underdogs. I’m focused on populations that are not properly acknowledged in the media. My goal is to continue publishing children’s books, poetry, and series, allowing all voices to be heard. With your support, I’d love to publish others stories through the creator’s medium of choice—whether it’s publishing, articles, songs, scriptwriting, and more.

Mission Statement: Onenesslove Publishing LLC is a space for everyone. We encourage people with special needs, the LGBTQIA+ community, gamers, VO actors, DJs, and influencers to tell their stories. This is a safe place to tell your story through publishing books, articles, lyrics, TV shows, and movies. Love is a powerful tool when writing any story. We are all made of one love

In the early 2000s, Jessi made her debut in the publishing world with her book Changing the Bloodline: a thriller-romance book that she released under a self-publishing company. Following her first book, Jessi began publishing her future work through her own startup. This includes Who You Are, the first installment in a children’s book series, to her self-discovery book Lit Soul: My Journey Back to Faith. Over the years, Jessi’s work has been published in magazines and traditional publishing companies. She has now been in the industry for over ten years.

Above all, Jessi is a publishing process coach. She is there to help you achieve your writing goals, whether you’d like to publish your work or simply need assistance in the writing process. She will help guide you through your logical options and lead you down the best route to take your journey, depending on your goals and desires. You even have the option of publishing with Jessi’s company. If you choose to do so, rest assured you will always own the rights to your own book—Jessi knows how painful it is to have those rights taken away. Regardless of what you decide, Jessi will support you every step of the way. It’s all up to you!

Established writers, amateur authors, and those who are simply considering writing, I know exactly how you feel. I have been you—I know what it feels like to be stuck while writing an amazing story, doubting yourself and asking detrimental questions. Is this good enough? Am I good enough? The answer is yes—you are good enough to keep persevering and keep writing. I have faced these very same challenges, including the logistical ones. Are there enough words here for it to be counted as a novel? There is a magic number for novels, but I assure you that it is achievable if you commit yourself and your truth the story. Whether your piece is fiction or non-fiction, I can help—I have written every genre you can name and continue to write today. I believe in practicing what you teach, so I have gone through every process that you are going through with your book. No question is too simple or too far out of reach. Is this the correct structure for my book? It all depends on the book, and shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind; simply writing that first sentence is the first step.

I want to contribute to the support system in your life that helps guide you in the direction of your dreams, whatever they may be. While everyone’s story is different, each author has similar desires—they are coming from a place of love, wanting to make a difference in the world. I would like to help you achieve what you envision. Personally, even if only a handful of people read my book, I would be satisfied as long as the message is clear and it makes a difference in their life. Joining your writing journey as your publishing processes coach and making that difference in your life would mean the world to me. As your coach, the end goal is up to you; if your goal is to publish, then I will help get you there. If you want to take a different route, such as publishing your work in a magazine, or if don’t know what you want to do with your book, I am here to help you with that too.