Lit Soul: My Journey Back to Faith

Lit Soul: My Journey back to faith is a collection of poetry written in four sections about love, loss, finding your place in the world, and coming back to what you can’t see, which is faith. It’s an honest telling of poet Jessi’s life from the age of 6 years old to the present day. It’s having faith again and growing it stronger through each section. It’s a place to find that we aren’t so different after all. Each poem sheds light on ideas and concepts we deal with every day, from the pandemic to black lives matter. If you are an avid reader that loves poetry, this book is for you.


Oneness Love, that is what we are. We are one with the universe. Our purpose is to help you tell your story of love.



She is a blogger on medium and writes about education, self-love, and living life to the fullest.




“She told of her own experiences while also supporting me through the exercise and wrapping my head around my own blocks. I felt a massive shift and some healing take place. I would definitely recommend Jessi to anyone. She is absolutely amazing.”
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